Words of Advice for Successful Email Marketing in 2019

Having a belief that emails are long gone? Well, this might have been the fact with the introduction of GDPR, but email marketing in fact is still going strong and can be considered to be the blueprint for your successful business. There, undoubtedly, can be no guarantees given for the success rate; however, spam traps, gone-aways, un-responsive messaging and such other obstacles hindering your campaign should be looked into.

Look into these words of wisdom for an applauding performance of your email marketing campaign.

1 – Clean Database with Interested Contacts

Identifying and updating customer database is the key to email marketing success. Timely recognition of gone-aways, deceased records and incorrect personal details along with optimization of database by discarding unused contacts will aid in eliminating unnecessary annoyance. A polished database will not only help your business adapt to GDPR but also invest finance on contacts interested in receiving your message. Also, prospect data earns you a wider audience of qualified recipients.

2 – Relevant Heading and Content

In the present preoccupied world, email marketing is like a death race. Uninteresting headings and longer content of the emails attracts none. Attractive email headings with relevant and short content highlighting USPs of your business is the magic wand. Once you have an interested audience, path your prospects to your website and landing pages for good results.

3 – Trackable Calls to action

Let the contacts have your easy access and only then there will a meaning to all your marketing messages. The next point of strategy can be an easy diversion of contacts into your website or contact forms. This is called easy accessible calls to action. These calls to action aid in simplified emails as well as channeling users to landing pages where they can obtain more information and sales messages. Multiple calls to action end up in spam traps, while a limited number of strategically placed buttons will improve the click-through rates and keeping an eye on the marketing flops. A call to action above the fold will surely earn you peak engagement.

4 – Designing for your target audience

Designing a device for your target audience is indeed a Herculean task. Whether B2B or B2C audiences, the receipt of emails is on different devices and in various formats. A tested prediction can be the mailing on outlook. Predict that the larger part of B2B recipients will open your mailing in Outlook. There is a segmentation of images from emails and multiple layout issues are created if not completely tested. Also, smartness in terms of text is extremely important as this involves a no-go for text within images. Word powered Outlook can bid farewell to any CSS styles that you’ve applied to your website in your email as well.


For a business, readers will engage into a more detailed message, as it will explain your products or services in more detail. However, this cannot be the case with consumer mailings. This is for the reason that more than 60% of people go through emails on mobiles. Thus, one has to be sure that HTML is responsive and optimized for an accurate display on all types of devices. Meticulous with images is beneficial with 60:40 text image ration cutting down spam traps.

5 –Landing Page Creation

Summarized and engaging snapshots of your provisions can be achieved through campaign-specific landing pages that will streamline all the information in your email marketing. Encompassing added information on landing pages will offer reasoning for the inclusion of CTAs on your messages and direct possibilities through your sales channel.

This will earn you the benefit of a landing page boosting up your conversion rate. Moreover, this can gain click-throughs and engagement from your digital marketing.

The above-mentioned tips help improve email campaigns and expand brand awareness just by taking care of the basics.

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