Most Awaited Mobile App Development Trends to Look for in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends to Look for in 2019


The world around us oversaw a swift change, when people started using smartphones instead of laptops and desktops to access the Internet. Mobile app development has been no joke, and definitely not the bubble the skeptics expected it to be. It was also not just a temporary trend that was fated to run out. In fact, it was destined to bring in a whole new culture, impacting the future trends of coming many years, to a massive degree.


Talking of trends, the year is coming to an end, and it’s just the time when everyone is curious to find out what mobile app development trends 2019 will have in store for us. We have here 4 top trends that you should be looking out for…

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


The concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have deeply integrated themselves mobile technology. We see chatbots, and we talk to Siri – the technology has already ingrained itself into our lives in such a way, through mobile apps, that it seems inseparable now. The demand for AI and ML is only going to be rising; 2019 and the years after, people might just never even imagine a smartphone without ML and AI based apps and functions.


Wearable Devices and IoT

Internet of Things has had a huge impact on various industries, and it’s looking like the interest in this technology will only grow from here. Ap developers are increasingly looking to develop applications, not just for wearable devices like smart watches, but also for companies like Uber and Zomato. With big names in various industries taking an avid interest, 2019 looks rather promising for IoT and related technologies, with movement trackers, fitness bands, watches, and many other such devices expected to roll out soon.

Payment Gateways, Mobile Wallets

People everywhere are using more and more mobile applications for smallest of things. And it wouldn’t have been possible without a frictionless payment system integrated into the apps. More so, in the coming years, this gradual yet significant change in the way the users demand a seamless payment method, is expected to see a rapid rise. We have already walked a lot from using-only-cash days, and have encountered a number of digital payment options along the path, namely mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, and now digital currencies. Mobile commerce is looking forward to become the shopping mode of highest preference in the coming days. Therefore, for businesses who want to create a lasting impact on their customers through their apps, integrating payment gateways, and also wallets like Paytm, Amazon Pay, and so on, is sure to become staple.

Increasing Investments in Cloud Integration

Cloud computing and integration are continuing to offer possibilities like never presented before. With better storage, reduced hosting costs, streamlined operations, and better loading capacity, ni addition to a rise in user integrations, are just some of the advantages of developing mobile applications over the cloud – and reason enough for businesses to be looking forward to it in the coming years.


In Conclusion…

Smartphones have future biased in their favour, since the time we go acquainted to everything related to mobile app development. Every year, trends change; and changing trends every year manage to captivate users all around the world. As another year ushers in, it will be fun to see how the distinct needs of various businesses and industries everywhere push mobile app development to rise to the challenge, and find unique yet simple solutions to tackle them