Most Awaited Ionic 4 New Features in 2019

ionic 4 features in 2019


Ionic has found its place among the best frameworks for developing hybrid apps. It is widely accepted by a good number of developers as it consists of a few really staggering functional CSS components. The new features specifically deal in performance, build time improvements, multi-framework compatibility, powerful theming abilities and new documentation. The newer update makes migration easy and also provides the tool through which it can be done easily and smoothly.

The main purpose of improvising this ionic framework is to build PWA (progressive web apps) which offers astounding tools, technologies, and concepts which in turn helps the ionic components to be used with Vue, React, Angular, or even with no framework at all.

Find the introduction of the new features in Ionic 4

1) Web Components

Web component is primarily a combination of web platforms APIs, which help the developer to build customized and reusable HTML tags for using it in web apps and web pages. Moving to we component for every single component is the finest change brought by ionic. Web components push more work to the browsers not necessitating writing plenty of codes, making advancement in the startup and loading times and significantly important for building high performing web apps. Web components are on four core elements: Custom elements, HTML imports, HTML Template, and Shadow DOM.

2) Capacitor

Capacitor is a cross-platform API and a code extension layer. Calling the native SDKs from web code and write the custom native plugins is made simple. It needs PWA support to let the developer write one app and launch it to the app stores.

3) Stencil

A web component compiler that helps build the standards which are flexible with the web servers. Stencil also uses Virtual DOM, TypeScript, JSX and async, acceptable for PWA.

4) Ion-Backdrop

Full-screen components masking other components and positioned on top of other contents to dismiss other components.

5) Ion-Picker

It exhibits a row of buttons and columns on the top of application content as well as at the bottom most part of the viewport.

6) Ion-Ripple Effect

It adds Material design ripple interaction effect. It doesn’t degrade JavaScript and easily implements CSS.

7) Ion-Route

It chooses a component for the browser URL to match with URL property.

8) Ion-Searchbar

This has a text field to search in the crowd. There are 9 bar styles added of which v4 surpasses the rest.

9) Color Changes

The old color is changed to a new default color.

10) Ion-select Popover

A dialogue on the top of the current page used for overflow actions, unable to fit appropriately in the navigation bar.

11) Ionicons 4.0

These are icons for Android, iOS, web and desktop apps. There is now availability of web font and support for SVG being distributed as web components with squeezed size. They display the latest material design styles and iOS trends.

12) CSS Variables

These enhance the overall look of the app by making simple and minor changes in some variables without using the build tools.

13) Lazy Loading

It’s a design pattern in the ionic framework to determine the beginning of the component till necessary. It offers to enhance app function and cut down load time of the app by splitting it into different bundles and loading the app as and when required.

14) Ionic Native 5

With this, the components in any of the many frameworks. Ionic native 5 requires Angular 5 for the choice of providers or injectables.

15) Changelogs in Native 5

This is combined with Angular providers, ES6 modules and AngularJS support. The whole bunch is released & ES6 exhibits static classes for plugins.

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