What are the Features That Make the New 5.7 Variant of Laravel Outstanding?

laravel 5.7 features

One of the most popular open source PHP frameworks that made its debut around 7 years back, Laravel has since been clear on its market domination due to amazing features, regular updation, and therefore a huge popularity. And as the first version came out in June 2011, the newest one, version 5.7, was rolled out in August this year. We’re going to be looking at what new features and changes has this variant brought along with it…


Policies for Guest Users

In the 5.6 version of Laravel, the access to application was usually denied by the framework, which would instantly return false for any user identified as unauthorized. But with this newer version, an optional type hint is apparently being provided. It’s either that, or a default value which a user will get, that will allow them to bear through all the authentication checks within the system.


Laravel Nova

One of the most significant features, hands down, the Laravel Nova is pretty good looking admin panel that this extraordinary PHP development team has introduced. This code-driven dashboard comes in handy whenever a developer is working on an ongoing project, or even the ones they’re just about commencing. The 5.6 version of Laravel, which came out early this year, also supports this feature as a single composer package.


Symfony Dump Server

Another one of the new packages in the latest variant of Laravel is the Symphony Dump Server. Developed by Marcel Pociot, this command via package is supposed to be great at debugging errors in an application, without hindering the app runtime. Its command is supposed to run in the background, as it gathers all the data which the app transfers, and then exhibit it in the console mode.


It’s amply clear how the recent version of Laravel has been successful in introducing some pretty interesting features for the long awaiting users. It has proven yet again, how easily it stands out in the crowd of PHP frameworks. Not just that, but compared to the past variants, it has also brought forward quite a few important changes. But, as far as these changes helping developers while using the framework, it seems they’re too minor to cause any major shift. It will take a few years for the fundamental changes to get introduced to the Laravel framework. As of now, one doesn’t seem to be looking at any huge paradigm shift to PHP development.