How to Launch an App Successfully: All You Need to Know [Infographic]

Since we got acquainted with the Internet and the concept of hand-held phone devices, it was not too difficult to put the two together. Unsurprisingly, ecommerce was one of the next major developments to take the world by storm. With everything being a touch away, it was only time when people, mainly businesses, would start thinking about making online shopping into a simple yet enthralling user experience.


And so we got mobile apps!


Mobile applications have today surpassed their role as a digital marketing tool; they have long become essential to the very existence of a business. Mobile app development has changed the way businesses are run today, and it has changed the consumer outlook completely. People spend most of their waking hours on their cellphones, and statistics tell us that these same people spend more than 90% of their mobile minutes on apps. Online shoppers are more comfortable using native apps, rather than mobile sites – at least, that’s what 85% of consumers have go to say!


With these and more statistics, that we’ll show you ahead, it’ll become amply clear to you that mobile apps are inevitably important business tools in this day and time. Also, how does one make their app stand out in the huge crowd of apps everywhere? And how to launch an app successfully?

Right ahead in this infographic, you’ll know the significance of an app, what features should a stellar app have, and what does an ultimate app launch checklist look like…



  1. Your Business Needs an App! But, Why?
  • 50% millenials are already using a shopping app
  • 83% B2B marketers believe mobile apps to be necessary to content marketing
  • 84% small businesses witnessed growth after launching their app
  • 90% or more mobile minutes are spent on mobile apps
  • 50% of time people spend on digital media, goes to mobile apps
  • 85% people give preference to native apps over mobile sites
  • 27% or more stores use retail apps to give out exclusive deals
  • 24% marketers believe messaging apps can do wonders to their content marketing strategy
  1. What Can an App Add to Your Business?
  • High Customer Engagement
  • Profits Going Through the Roof
  • Better Brand Visibility
  • A Thorough Customer Feedback
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Add Value to User Experience
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty, and…
  • You’ll Come on Top of Competition!
  1. Creating a Mobile App, Step-by-Step


  • Have a Clear-cut Goal
  • What’s your app going to do for customers?
  • What’s going to be the USP of your app?
  • What will the core features of your app be?
  • Which platforms or devices can support your app?


  • Make sure you add an amazing user interface
  • Say no! to graphics with bad pixels
  • Make the features and navigation, intuitive
  • Finally, make your icon design, absolutely super!


  • App will need Wireframe creation
  • Check if its is technically feasible
  • Include proper Analytics
  • Have a well-defined app backend
  • Create a prototype
  • Be informed of user behavior using metrics
  • All through the app deployment, maintain integrity


  • Check for Compatibility
  • Ensure Security
  • Look for Performance
  • Make an Interface Check
  • Confirm Usability
  1. Now We Get To Launch of Your Amazing App!

But, Before You Launch…

  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Have Your Positioning Statement Ready
  • Define Your Criteria for Success
  • What are Your Key Influencers? Identify them
  • Get a Press Kit Ready
  • Search for a Website that Curates Products
  • Remember, only ASO Best Practices Will Do!

And After the Launch…

  • Tell Everyone on Your Email List About the Launch!
  • And Tell Everyone Else Too!
  • Measure the Success of Your App
  • Keep Your Ears Open to Your Customers
  • More One Uses the App, More Their Incentive!
  • Focus on Re-engaging and Re-marketing Tactics
  • Maintain a High Rating!