facebook advertising tips

There should be a careful choice of Facebook ads so as not to be unaffordable to your marketing budget. These ads should be more helpful to your business rather than that to Facebook itself.

Here are various usual misconceptions with Facebook ads and ways to resolve them.

Multiple Interests Test in a Single Facebook Ad Set

First and the foremost, list all of your want-to-target interests and bunch them up into different categories. Once this is done, develop ad sets and target every single one of them to a single bunch of interests. With this, you’ll be able to understand the best audiences, their size as well as ways to find other interests to test.

Small Budget & Too Many Facebook Ads

Combine audiences into ad sets with sizeable budgets. Take a combination of digital marketers, Facebook page admin audiences and small business owners to create an ad set. Once you’ve combined 2-3 sets of best audiences, drop the best 3-6 ads in each set. Use split testing in different campaigns to run a test of new ad copy and creative, which would include both videos and images.

Cost per Lead Over Earnings per Lead

Cost per lead can be cut down depending on your earnings per lead. An ad will escalate the damage with your messaging and your sales process. If you earn $100 per lead and your cost is $4 per lead, that’s 25x the return on your ad spend.

Wrong Choice of Facebook Campaign Objective

A hassling sale of Facebook ads is the first mistake. Make sure to select conversions and optimizing for leads rather than preferring the choice of lead ads, engagement or clicks. This choice will end up in a great execution most of the time.

Zero Follow-up Management Facebook Ads

People lag behind managing campaigns once they’re active. Analyze your campaigns on a regular basis so as to get sustainable results from Facebook advertising.

Create New Facebook Ads And Avoid Managing Successful Ads

Facebook’s optimization algorithm needs at least 50 conversions per ad set per week to function. The one thing to keep in mind is to invest more money into your proven winners instead of more campaigns. Rather than putting $50 on each new campaign, try to analyze and adjust winners before they disappear.

Creating Facebook Ads While Not Understanding Overall Campaign Settings

Opting for Automatic Placement will place ads not only on Facebook but also on Instagram and across the Audience Network (sites off of Facebook). Decisions made at the Ad Set level be small or big for the available budget. Successful outcomes will be achieved by appropriate testing and proper ad setup.

Too Much Dependency on Automatic Placement for Facebook Ads

The location of your ad will directly affect the cost and conduct of your ad sets and campaigns. Strategize your ads before you accept the defaults.

You can edit Facebook ad placements. Disable Audience Network for a controlled spend and once you find that your budget is under control, enable Automatic Placement again.


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