3 Most Anticipated Ecommerce Trends to Look Out for, in 2019

eCommerce trends 2019

2018 is about to come to a fruitful end, and it’s time again for us to peek into the future and look what the technology, eCommerce, and online trends in general look like. What are the trends that are being anticipated the most by big brands, small retailers, and finally the end customers? We have here three such technologies that we think are definitely going to help further eCommerce development, as 2019 knock our doors…


We Should Certainly Look Out for AR and VR


We Should Certainly Look Out for AR and VR - eCommerce trends 2019

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  are no more too sophisticated a technology for a common man. We have been seeing it in mobile applications, games, and what not. eCommerce has made use of augmented reality by having apps, some of which let customers make a pick of their products from the an actual physical store, test them simulated rooms which are close to their real ones at home. Similar idea works well even for interior design apps. So, it’s not such a leap when we say that AR will certainly be a hot trend to look for, the coming year. User experience is just about to get even better with augmented reality in picture. Virtual reality, a concept that again has found uses in eCommerce development, has a bright future to look forward to. With people being able to see products in 3D, it won’t feel much different than buying a product from a physical store. That’s really something we can expect the year 2019 to bring to our experience


2019 Would be Looking at a Growth in Voice Search


People are beginning to depend on voice searches, and trend is only going to go up from here. It’s being estimated that around half all searches will be done through voice, by the time it’s year 2020. And it’s not too hard to imagine, as currently,  22% of the people who have Amazon Echo, Google Home, or one of the other such devices, have used voice search to buy themselves something. Not just adults, but even kids find it really handy and of course, really entertaining to use voice searches to find their favorite videos online. While it’s an amazing technology, it could still be optimized further to answer questions like where, how, what, etc. more efficiently, and understand the more casual way that people talk in their everyday lives.

2019 Would be Looking at a Growth in Voice Search - eCommerce trends 2019


Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots - eCommerce trends 2019

Another technology to have acquainted itself well with the audience, involves artificial intelligence and chatbots. So many companies, such as mastercard, Pizza Hut, Spotify, and so on have been on their feet, testing chatbots. Even many of the shops on Facebook use some of the functionalities of chatbots to facilitate transactions, or answer customer queries. The good part is, that it’s not too hard to set it up, and it helps make a brand look more professional, leaving its customers well satisfied. The coming year, therefore, could well see a steady growth in its use, with even the smaller businesses adopting it. It can also be expected that technology will further develop to take care of the bots showing only limited abilities till now, and further be able to get more complex tasks done with better efficiency.

There are other tech and eCommerce trends 2019, such as content marketing and omnichannel presence that look like they have a great future planned over the next year. The best strategy amidst the technology-induced excitement for all working in the tech field would be, focus on creating a product that people need, that solves a problem, and can keep people hooked on to it. That is how you can use technology in the best way possible to make it into a successful business model.