Top 3 Business Opportunities to be Presented by Virtual Reality in 2019

Virtual reality is a technology that has brought immensely impressive transformations across a variety of businesses, irrespective of the sector or industry. By applying VR-powered solutions, many a business are able to craft beautiful user experiences through live or life-like simulations in a cost-effective as well as risk-free manner.


VR-based applications are bound or limited by nothing but our imaginations, and businesses all over are more than ready to explore the opportunities it could present them with.


As we enter this new year, let’s take a peek at what virtual reality trends 2019 should be looking forward to…

Real Estate – Property Sales and Leasing

Virtual Reality In Real Estate

With VR, real estate property owners can deliver better-equipped solutions to their clients. When it comes to buying any property, people generally like to have not just the floor map of a place, but a 3D view of the place to get a better idea. The benefit of virtual reality is that owners can now present the architectural details and other aspects of a property in a more realistic manner than before. In addition, this technology is also helping bridge the gap between the real world as well as the imagination of a property designer, before they actually initiate the project. As a consequence of visualizing the full-scale effect of every design, property owners and realtors would be able to capitalize on third party companies by charging flat rates or demand a commission on the sale of the property. These are some of the ways in which VR business opportunities have been on a rise in the real estate sector.

Virtual Reality and Ecommerce

Virtual Reality E Commerce

If anything could make ecommerce more exciting, it is the experience of virtual shopping for customers. An innovative idea at its best, it gives an opportunity for a business to let their users take a walk through their virtual stores, much like the physical stores, before they make a purchase. Many big brands have already started exploring this amazing business opportunity, especially as it’s not just great from the consumer point of view, but also for retailers who can stop paying huge utility bills, employee salaries, and so on.


Events and Conferences Powered by Virtual Reality

Events and Conferences Powered by Virtual Reality

One of the most progressive attempts made by VR is probably in helping people attend events, meetings, and conferences without being physically present to do so. From around the globe, users can experience meeting each other and holding discussions in real time when physical travelling might be out of the question for any reason. This way, people can attend multiple conferences held in various cities, all year round, without ever having to leave their place. Virtual reality development has thus made connectivity a lot simpler in a multitude of sectors.

Final word…

A lot of businesses are on their way to explore ways to make this technology more relevant to their audience. The above listed top VR trends 2019 is only the beginning; we are expecting a blast of opportunities as we move forward into a future infused with Virtual Reality!